Gem Instruments

Diamond Gauge

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Its manual diamond gauge for weight of a wide variety of loose and mounted stones

Gem Hardness Tester

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When distinguish the true and false diamond,it shows the result of measuring with 2 kinds of sounds and 3 kinds of colors LED.
it is used widely and measure accurately.

Power supply: 9V battery

Gem Kit

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Gem kit use for holding gem instrument. Gem Kit is useful in travelling.
Gem Ghodi & Loop

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For the colour & cut assortment of Diamonds.

20x Loupe
Very useful 20x jewelers loupe for viewing diamonds, gems and jewelry. Particularly convenient for jewelry inspection on the move, when lighting conditions may be less than perfect - trade shows, gold parties, estate sales, flea markets.
This portable gemological tool uses a high quality 20x magnifier lens with a built-in LED light source. It includes a carrying case, batteries and screwdriver.


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This Microscope provides distortion free high resolution erect 3-D images. The lateral zoom control adds convenience to operation. The eyepieces are focusable for dioptric adjustments.

The ergonomic and modern design of the stand provides fatigue-free operation. The large
focusing knobs and ball-guide mechanism provide a smooth focusing throughout the entire working range.

Stone Holder of Microscope

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For holding a stone
Gem Gauge

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When distinguish the true and false diamond,it shows the result of measuring with 2 kinds of sounds and 3 kinds of colors LED.
it is used widely and measure accurately.

.Power supply: 9V battery

Ruby filter

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Rubies (both genuine and synthetic) appear brilliant red under the filter. Synthetic blue spinel appear yellow-orange or pink while aquamarine and sapphires appear green or green-grey.

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Dichroscopes show whether or not a stone is dichroic (reflects 2 colors). This can be helpful in differentiating stones of the same color from one another. Dichroscopes can be useful with identifying gemstones that are still in the rough and when stones are set and difficult to get to with other instruments.
Digital Refractometer

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The Gemological Refractometer is considered by many to be the most important of all gem testing instruments.
The primary use of the refractometer is to measure the angle at which light traveling through the stone is bent or refracted. This is called the Refractive Index (RI). As the Refractive Index is usually different for different gemstones, this provides an important clue for accurate gemstone identification.
Refractometer with 10 g bottle RI Liquid

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Direct and easy readable scale of 0.01 delineation from 1.30 - 1.81 nD. Accuracy 0.005 to be interpolated.
Wide refraction element of special SCHOTT / ZEISS LaSF colourless glass. Resistant to scratches and chemicals.
True sodium wavelength 589nm monochromatic interference filter.
Polarizing filter and contact liquid included.


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Polariscopes are used to quickly and easily check if gemstones are single or double refracting. It Is very useful in identifying Moissanite and detecting strain in diamonds and other gems.
It is also used to separate synthetic amethyst from genuine. This desktop instrument has a built in light source.

Power input: 110V~220V 50HZ
Storage Temperature: 10-35°C
Gross Weight: 750g

Multi Tester

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The Presidium Multi Tester (PMuT) utilizes the combined principles of Thermal and Electrical Conductivity from our patented technology. The measuring probes together with the electronics circuitries are designed to pick up and segregate data collected from the stones via a customized micro-controller. Within a split of a second- the test result will be displayed.
UV Light

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Shortwave/Longwave Ultraviolet Lamp. Check whether a gemstone fluoresces to longwave or shortwave ultraviolet light.
Power Input: 220V 50HZ
Wavelength: SW 253.7nm
Wavelength: LW 365 nm
The invisible radiations emitted by UV lamps, particularly short wave, can be harmful to the skin and dangerous to the eyes.

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Spectroscope is also used to separate natural gems from synthetic gemstones. This is used in specialized gem testing laboratories. The differences in the chemical composition are revealed by the absorption spectrum of the light transmitted through the gemstone that is being tested. The instrument breaks up the light that is being transmitted from a gemstone into its spectral colors. This helps in testing the various wavelengths that are being taken in i.e. being absorbed by the gemstone. This indicates the type of elements that are present in the stone, which are absorbing the wavelengths. It allows the gemologist to see which color of light is being absorbed and thus identify the gemstone.
Carat Weight Machine

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Its digital weight Machine use for correct weight of gem stone or ornament.

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The Presidium Duotester is the only tool on the market that provides the user with two proven tests for diamonds and the ability to differentiate between similarly colored gemstones. The easy-to-read dial of the Duotester is calibrated to indicate the differences in thermal conductivity of the most popular gemstones and simulants.

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The ability to easily and professionally color grade diamonds is now at your fingertips! Press the button and magically the master set opens with its hydraulic, patented hydro-hinge to display the sets master stones. Each stone is expertly graded to master diamond color standards using the standard GIA grading scale.

Largest range of reference available: E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M and N comparison stones.

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