Why Certificate is Important ?

Shopping for certified gems allows you to make an informed choice about your gem selections and to comparison shop among various jewellers.You can compare one diamond with a particular weight and quality with other diamonds of similar weight and quality to determine which diamond is the better value -- or which merchant has the best prices.

[NOTE: If a jewellery store offers to sell you a loose diamond without a certificate, keep in mind that it means you are buying the diamond based only on the salesperson's claim about its quality, and that a trained gemmologist or even other jewellers may disagree with the salesperson's assessment.]

A diamond grading certificate or report is like a "fingerprint" for the diamond, describing the stone in technical detail so that its value and identity can be verified. It does not assign monetary value to the stone, as an appraisal does, and is only provided for loose diamonds. If you are purchasing a diamond, it's important to ask for and know how to read a grading report so you can make sure you're getting what you pay for.
If the document contains any statement about the monetary value of the diamond, it is not a grading certificate or report. It is an appraisal, which can be done by anyone, including the salesperson selling the diamond (or an appraiser associated with the salesperson), and it is subjective.

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