What is Cosmic Energy?

There are millions of stars in the galaxy and 9 main planets whose light is reflected onto the earth which is termed as cosmic energy. This energy conducts a lot of positive rays which are transformed onto live and static elements on the earth. This energy creates a positive field around these elements.

Each planet has its own colour and is reflected through gems. Every planet has its power which is reflected on to the earth through the rays of the sun. This energy of planets through the rays of the sun is absorbed by live and inanimate objects. But if these objects don’t have the ability to absorb the energy then you get varied results which can be in a negative form or positive energy cannot be transformed through the metal or you won’t get the desired result. So to replace this lost energy we must use natural stones which act as a conductor.

Each metal absorbs its energy from the planets which are closely associated to its colour and then transmits it to the human body. This positive energy helps in getting the person on the right track by eradicating all the negative impact like mental imbalance, sickness etc. This cosmic energy of the planets is absorbed by the stones and that’s why stones are considered as natural conductors of cosmic energy.

Colour imagination:

What is colour? How does it look? What is its scientific reason? A deep study of these questions helps you to understand the gems and the energy emitted by them.

Colour definition:

When the rays of the sun are emitted on earth, objects grab a certain percentage of these rays and the rest is reflected on to the human eye. These reflected rays are defined as colour. So to understand the colour of any object light is necessary.

Following areas are covered in the Course
  • Basic gems: which and how many? Where are they made?
  • Scientific angle of gems
  • Types of processes on gem stones regarding their cuts & shapes.
  • How to identify true gems and their study
  • Semi-precious stones how many?
  • How to evaluate the prices of precious and semi precious stones
  • Grading of gems and their valuation
  • Crystal formation and crystallography
  • What are minerals and their types
  • Instruments needed for the lab and deep study of handling in scientific ways
  • Format of certificate and inclusions
  • Synthetic stones and what is glass field

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